Conny Blom
Rock & Roll Will Never Die
38’27 minutes, stereo soundpiece

"It’s better to burn out // Than to fade away" Neil Young sings on the classic Rust Never Sleeps album from 1979, and a true rock song does not fade out. It might end in chaos or thunder, but it does not fade out. The fade out belongs to radio adapted music and commercial nonsense. "Hey hey, my my // Rock and roll will never die" he continues in a bitter tone, indicating the opposite in a world where rock & roll has sold its soul, not to the devil, but to something much more sinister; the record industry. This CD consists of one track, as long as Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps album, constructed entirely of sampled rock & roll chaos, finales and freak outs. A 38:27 minute death cry.

"Rock & Roll Will Never Die" was created as part 2 of "The Copyleft Trilogy" and is available for free download (including cover) below.

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Conny Blom  
Conny BlomConny Blom
Moscow Center of Art, Moscow 2006  
Galleri Pictura, Lund, Sweden 2006



Conny Blom