Conny Blom
15 Minutes of Fame
15’00 minutes, stereo soundpiece

Principally everything on a CD-release is protected by copyright laws. That includes audience sounds on live recordings. How someone could own the rights to the voices and handclaps of an audience is hard to understand. This piece consists solely of the sounds of audiences from live albums, taped together to 15 minutes, a logic choice of length, referring to Andy Warhol’s statement.

"15 Minutes of Fame" was created as part 3 of "The Copyleft Trilogy" and is available for free download (including cover) below.

Download "15 Minutes of Fame " (mp3)

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Conny Blom  
Conny BlomConny Blom
Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden 2007  
Moscow Center of Art, Moscow 2006



Conny Blom