Bear's Skin
Print on paper, signed by artists and curator; a diptych, acrylic on canvas, 2 times 30x30cm
(property of the curator)


An agreement on a business transaction to take place for the occasion of “CASH - From symbol and a dream to hardcore reality” exhibition held at Samara Art Museum within the frames of the IX Shiryaevo Biennale 2016.

The parties to this agreement (“The Contract”) are:
Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom (1st party), artists, Bukovje 35, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia / Storgatan 18, 261 31 Landskrona, Sweden
M. S. (2nd party), curator, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, Sweden.

The interested parties agree to enter into this Contract and to be bound by its items.

1. This contract binds the artists Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom to deliver a diptych (acrylic on canvas, 2 times 30x30cm) to M. S. for inclusion in his private collection.
2. M. S. in turn guarantees the inclusion of said artists in the exhibition with a copy of this contract (Item A), to be hung on display for the audience. He is also obliged to show only Item A, the paintings are not to be included in the exhibition.
3. The first party gives up all material rights over the paintings.
4. The participation of the 1st party in the exhibition should be stated alongside other participating artists in all informational material and marketing produced in relation to the exhibition.
6. After the exhibition, the 2nd party keeps the paintings at his disposal and is free to handle them according to his own liking, and any future collaboration between the parties is not a matter of this contract.


1st party:
in ______________, ___ /___ 2016, Nina Slejko Blom ________________

Conny Blom _______________


2nd party
in ______________, ___ /___ 2016, M. S. __________________


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