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Conny Blom

Conny Blom


The Church of Bad Decisions
Installation with wall painting, stereo sound piece, digital prints, framed artefacts (collar, wallet size credential, certificate), membership application forms and unique ink print.

In June 2019 Conny Blom got himself ordained through a US based online church, and the installation The Church of Bad Decisions includes a series of works inspired by his new status. In the neoliberal era everything can be bought, and value has been equated with salability for so long that it is easy to forget that there are other scales of value. With associations to religiosity and spirituality, the installation deals with questions about the role of the artist and the value of culture in times when culture politicians measure quality in visitor numbers and gentrification potential.

Parallel to the installation Blom introduces his new religious community The Church of Bad Decisions, a contemporary church fit for times when we are starting to see the catastrophic effects of bad decision making on many crucial fronts. During exhibitions visitors can register membership in the church as long as they submit a row of personal data. All new members are promised an original artwork by Conny Blom as a welcome gift.

Works in the installation:

+ Adagio in C Minor (stereo sound piece 18:35 min. From the album Mass, 2019) Listen to sample HERE

+ Acts of Devotion ( 6x digital print, 2019) + You Do Not Know Best (wall painting, 2019)

+ Ordination Kit (diptych, ordination certificate, card-sized credential, collar insert, 2019)

+ Membership Application (application form, box for filled in forms, example of proof of membership. Each proof of membership is a unique, signed print in black ink.)

+ Du vet inte bäst (You Do Not Know Best) (wall painting)

Conny Blom

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